Would you start to use a language from the moment that you started to learn it?  Many language learning folks advocate the method of using the language as soon as you start as this will help integrate the language in your day to day life, and you’ll be a more effective communicator. They seem to say that learning a language in a classroom passively is a very unnatural way of learning a language.

But would it work?  Benny Lewis seems to think so.  He has been learning all sorts of new language to fluency for over 7 years.  And he has perfected a system where he just simply starts speaking the language – immersing himself and throwing himself into the deep end so to speak.  And it seems to work very well for him.

However, this method would not be for the faint of heart.  You have to have a good amount of self confidence, as I can’t see many shy people getting too much use out of this.  If you can’t go up to someone and start a conversation, you’re going to have a very hard time getting very far with this program.

Benny has a very popular blog, and he actually practices what he preaches.  We recently wrote up a Speak From Day 1 review and posted it on our blog.  Speak From Day 1: A Language Hacking Guide is his ebook where he outlines his strategy and philosophy, and more tips for language students.